Department of Public Service

  • Managing the Public Service of Guyana through the provision of professional personnel, training and consultancy services to Ministries, Departments and Regional Administrations.
  • Advising the Government on the personnel requirements of the Public Service.
  • Implementing relevant initiatives to achieve modernization of the Public Service.
  • Effectively utilizing scholarship awards to ensure sectoral and policy priorities are reflected.
  • MNP1002

    Country above self

    – 8 awarded Cuban scholarships to advance Guyana’s healthcare DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, August 20, 2019 “I am very thankful for this opportunity, and I will make the best of it,” exclaimed Jennifer Mahabir, one of the young scholarship awardees from Canjie, Berbice. Eight Guyanese, with the mission to expand Guyana’s public health system, are the […]

  • DSC_0820

    Govt financially assisting overseas law students

    The Government of Guyana, through the Ministry of Legal Affairs, is continuing an initiative it commenced upon coming into office in 2015, to financially assist qualified students to complete their studies. Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Hon. Basil Williams, SC., with second-year Guyanese law students of the Hugh Wooding Law School. The latest […]

  • minister1

    Minister Sarabo-Halley on unofficial visit to Middle East

    Department of Public Service, Press Release Public Service Minister Tabitha Sarabo-Halley and her family earlier today departed for an unofficial visit to the Middle East. The trip, which will see the Minister along with her family and church members visiting Israel and Egypt, was planned and executed by the church she attends. “As a firm […]

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    Guyanese urged to work together as a unit towards the upliftment of vulnerable youth

    ─ Young people need role models – Min. Sarabo-Halley DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 12, 2019 “I think teachers in the community may have to have broad shoulders moving forward. I say that because young people need role models. They need people they can depend on,” expressed Minister of Public Service, the Honourable Tabitha Sarabo-Halley. The […]

  • govt abolishes

    Recipients of all Govt. scholarships to be made public -Sarabo-Halley

    By News Source Guyana on July 11, 2019 The Minister also announced that there are now 103 scholarships available for undergraduate studies at the University of Guyana. There are also scholarships available at the Master’s degree level for the University of Guyana. The application process is now open for the upcoming academic year. Recipients of […]

  • govt abolishes

    Govt. abolishes three-month work before pay policy

    By News Source Guyana on July 11, 2019 The three-month work before pay policy has been around for decades, but the Minister said no one appears to know how and why it was put in place and why it remained there. Govt. abolishes three-month work before pay policy Describing it as “unconscionable”, Public Service Minister, […]

Our Scholarships

The Scholarship Unit is mandated to formulate policies and advise senior management regarding training and development for the public service and to administer and advise on the effective utilization of scholarship awards to ensure that the awards reflect the policy and sectorial priorities.

Our Training

Training is the essence of transformation and is essential for the development of Guyana\’s human capital. As such, the Government has committed to providing training opportunities (academic, technical, vocational training and continuing education to achieve functional literacy) for the youth and adults at all levels.

Commission of Inquiry Secretariat 

In strengthening the democratic culture of governance and to resolve socio economic and political issues, the Government has set up a permanent Commission of Inquiry Secretariat within the structure of the Department of Public Service.

About the Department of Public Service

The Department of the Public Service, formerly known as the Public Service Ministry has undergone several changes over the years.

Before 1953 the Public Service of the British Guiana was administered under the traditional colonial system. Constitutional responsibility for all staff matters was assigned to the Chief Secretary and discharged through the Establishment Department.

When the Ministerial system was recommended by the Constitution Commission of 1950-51, it was suggested that an independent Public Service Commission be set up to guarantee the political neutrality of the Public Service. The Government accepted the recommendation and established the Commission in 1953. The Governor still had absolute discretion in matters of appointment, promotion, transfer, training and discipline.


Scholarship Section

The Scholarship Section provides a wide range of training opportunities, primarily to the public sector and the citizens of Guyana. This training can be completed locally and/or internationally.

Bertam Collins College of the Public Service

The Bertram Collins College of the Public Service was established as a high level Public Service training institution and serves as the gateway responsible for training persons desirous of building a career within the Public Service. It is designed to train everyone entering the Public Service and over time, advance the capacity and competencies of current / existing Public Servants.