Department of Public Service Training


Training for Personal, Professional & National Development


Training Courses February 2019

Date: February 26th - 28th

Induction / Orientation

Date: February 26th – 28th

March 2019

Date: March 4th - 8th

Supervisory Management Module1

Date: March 4th – 8th
Date: March 11th - 15th

Secretarial Practice Module 1

Date: March 11th – 15th
Date: March 26th - 28th

Leadership Development

Date: March 26th – 28th

April 2019

Date: April 1st -5th

Human Resource Development Module 1

Date: April 1st -5th
Date: April 9th - 11th

Customer Care

Date: April 9th – 11th
Date: April 15th - 17th

Personnel Policies & Practices

Date: April 15th – 17th
Date: April 29th - 30th

Secretarial Practice Module 2

Date: April 29th – 30th

May 2019

Date: May 8th - 9th

Training for Drivers

Date: May 8th – 9th
Date: May 13th - 17th

Supervisory Management Module II

Date: May 13th – 17th
Date: May 20th - 23rd

Human Resource Development Module II

Date: May 20th – 23rd
Date: May 28th - 31st

Procurement and Stores Management

Date: May 28th – 31st

June 2019

Date: June 3rd - 7th

Communication in the Office

Date: June 3rd – 7th
Date: June 11th - 13th

Preparation for Retirement

Date: June 11th – 13th
Date: June 18th - 20th

Leadership Development

Date: June 18th – 20th
Date: June 24th- 28th

Secretarial Practices Module I

Date: June 24th- 28th

July 2019

Date: July 3rd - 5th

Government Accounting Procedures

Date: July 3rd – 5th
Date: July 8th - 12th

Supervisory Management Module I

Date: July 8th – 12th
Date: July 16th - 17th

Office Assistants

Date: July 16th – 17th
Date: July 22nd - 26th

Human Resource Development Module I

Date: July 22nd – 26th

August 2019

Date: August 5th - 9th

Project Management

Date: August 5th – 9th
Date: August 14th - 16th

Occupational Safety and Health

Date: August 14th – 16th
Date: August 19th - 23rd

Supervisory Management Module 2

Date: August 19th – 23rd
Date: August 26th - 29th

Human Resource Development Module 2

Date: August 26th – 29th

September / October 2019

Date: September 3rd - 4th

Secretarial Practices Module 2

Date: September 3rd – 4th
Date: September 10th - 12th

Personnel Policies and Practices

Date: September 10th – 12th
Date: September 16th - 18th

Leadership Development

Date: September 16th – 18th
Date: September 24th - 26th

Customer Care

Date: September 24th – 26th
Date: September 30th - 4th October

Monitoring and Evaluation

Date: September 30th – 4th October

October / November 2019

Date: October 7th - 11th

Communication in the Office

Date: October 7th – 11th
Date: October 15th - 17th

Train the trainers

Date: October 15th – 17th
Date: October 21st - 25th

Records and Registry Management

Date: October 21st – 25th
Date: October 30th - 1st November

Induction / Orientation

Date: October 30th – 1st November